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Live music Orange County

Live music for house parties and weddings



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What makes an upscale event?
The right music.

Want to really impress your guests and clients? Add live music to your next upscale party. Entertain with food, wine, and music. All you add are friends. 

Don Covel is the perfect option for live music at private events.


  • Classic rock, smooth jazz, guitar & vocals

  • Guests can listen, talk, and enjoy

  • More fun than a DJ

  • Less overpowering than a band


Music for weddings and receptions



  1. Great songs: tastefully popular to stylishly sophisticated... the best songs from the best genres.

  2. Perfect music solution: From intimate to mid-size events where a band might be overpowering and a DJ would be too loud or uninteresting.

  3. Snob appeal: music performed so well that guests and clients will come to your event  just  for the entertainment.



We provide a convenient, affordable option for small to midsize weddings and residence-hosted venues.


CEREMONIES: Don performs traditional pop tunes (guitar/vocals) for ceremonies. He also uses pre-recorded processional/recessional music played through a high-quality sound system. ADVANTAGE: the sound of a violin quartet or full symphony is recreated without the need for addtional musicians.

Music is performed as guests arrive and are seated. Requested songs are played as the ceremony begins. Processional/recessional music is played at appropriate moments in the ceremony. All music coordinated with the officiant or clergy.


RECEPTIONS: after the ceremony Don performs for cocktail and dinner receptions. Music can range from wedding themes to ambient background music  leading up to party/dance music with  a dance band or DJ.



We can also refer you to the best live band, DJ, stage production, and catering resources available in Southern California. Contact Don for options.

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pre-recorded processional/recessional examples

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